Mr Meat 2 Mod APK

Following the events of the last game, Mr Meat 2 Mod APK was detained by the police and given a prison sentence for his numerous transgressions. Everyone involved in the case has gathered at the prison where he is being detained to witness his execution. He has been a state prison inmate for a number of years, and today is the day he will be executed.

Mr Meat 2 Mod APK

In this new installment of the series, where you take on the character of Rebecca, Mr. Meat’s daughter, after being saved in the previous one, Rebecca finds herself caught up in a new nightmare when she travels to see her father put to death. You’ll get to explore a brand-new environment while attempting to elude Mr. Meat and discover a way out of the jail that he has commandeered.

Mr Meat 2 APK -Storyline

Mr. Meat was apprehended and imprisoned for the crimes he committed in the first episode. Years pass while he waits to be put to death in the state jail. Everyone has assembled to witness his torturous execution on the day set aside for it.

His daughter Rebecca is one of the witnesses. However, when the execution doesn’t go according to plan, things go south. Mr. Meat manages to escape someway, and he is now in charge of the jail.

In order to get away from his father, who has become hostile and abusive, Rebecca must manoeuvre. She is experiencing an unimaginable nightmare!

Mr Meat 2 Mod APK

You must assist her in devising original escape plans from the jail. But exercise caution, as one mistake could result in you being apprehended. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you play this horror-themed game!

Incredible Progression System

From where the previous game left off, this one continues. As a result, we advise that you play the first game first to get a sense of the plot.

Although you won’t need to have played the first game to comprehend what’s happening. Mr. Meat, who is a prison inmate, is the focus of the narrative.

Rebecca, his daughter, has come to see him put to death. However, circumstances quickly shift, and she finds herself searching for a way out of jail.

By resolving problems and avoiding obstacles, you must assist her in finding a way out. The prison is secured by surveillance cameras, guards, and vicious pigs to make things more difficult.

To keep from being noticed by them, you must exercise extreme caution. If not, you’ll get caught and taken to jail. The good thing is that the prison has many places to hide.

In order to advance in the game, you must also solve a lot of puzzles.

Why Play Mr. Meat 2?

Mr. Meat is back to turn us into meat following the success of the previous installment in the series. Check out this section if you’re curious about what this game has in store for you:

New protagonist and enemies – You will already be aware that Rebecca is Mr. Meat’s daughter if you have played the first game. You will now play as her. Additionally, there are Susan, Michelle, Anthony, Mr. Meat, Pig 13, and other individuals. You will all need to save the pigs who used to be people in the penitentiary.

Interactive puzzles – The only way to escape the horror escape game is by finding all of the puzzles. There is a tonne of interactive puzzles in this game, including ones involving getting keys, opening doors, and collecting clues. However, you can use any weapon you have if you come across adversaries. This contains firearms including pistols, stun guns, and others.


NameMr Meat 2 Mod APK
Latest Versionv1.0.3
UpdatedAug 23, 2022
App Uploaded ByKeplerians Horror Games
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Different endings – In Mr. Meat 2, you can reach various conclusions based on how you resolve the riddles. This implies that the game can finish either positively or adversely for you. Either you save everyone and live, or you don’t.

Narrative cinematics – For the fans’ enjoyment, the game has prepared some cinematics with dialogue. Conversations occur both at the conclusion and while players are resolving riddles.

3D Graphics and controls – Players can move around the game freely using the movement pad. Additional objects that the players can interact with include doors, storage bins, keys, and more. You can pick up things like firearms, keys, and other things that you can utilize.

Hint and mission system – If you’re having trouble, you can watch a video advertisement for free to obtain a tip. You will then be given all the instructions in the hint. The mission system is another tool that will direct your actions.

Effective Tips to Escape in Mr. Meat 2

You might run into problems because this is a scary puzzle game at several points. Don’t worry; we have some advice for you, and you are welcome to explore other options as well.

The powdered cement outside must first be taken and applied to the lock-equipped door. There is no written indication of the door’s code. In order to see the most often used keys, which are the code, you will need to use cement powder. The code was discovered to be 085, as you may probably imagine.

Using the video hint only if you’re stuck, is another piece of advice. You only have a certain amount of hints at your disposal, so use them wisely!

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