Junkyard Keeper Mod APK

You must clean up the numerous forms of waste that have gathered there, including food leftovers, scrap metal, and more, while navigating the large Junkyard Keeper Mod APK in your collection truck. Bring the trash to your base so it may be recycled and used as money-making material. While waiting, you’ll be scouring the junkyard for hidden treasure and possibly even parts to assemble brand-new, potent vehicles!

Junkyard Keeper Mod APK

continue to have access to more automobile improvements. Spend some money to upgrade your truck’s capabilities so that it can carry more weight, move more quickly, and even advance to the next level so that it can become bigger and more powerful.

Junkyard Keeper Mod APK KEY FEATURES:

  • Physical occurrences that are gorgeous, effortless, and tremendously satisfying to watch in play
  • You will feel at ease thanks to the relaxing graphics and motion animation.
  • Unlock a range of trash items and settings for different junkyards.
  • If you take control of your junkyard, you might just uncover some untapped wealth.

Business-Oriented Gameplay

You assume the role of a junkyard owner and manager in Junkyard Keeper. Your goal will be to maintain a productive and efficient junkyard.

Given the numerous challenges you must overcome, like delivery deadlines, a lack of resources, and irate clients, this won’t be simple. To turn a profit, your business operations must be clever and effective.

The financial health of your junkyard will serve as your motivation. You need to make sure the junkyard is profitable. You must recycle as much trash as you can in order to maximize revenues.

To get more money, you can also sell recyclable materials. In Junkyard Keeper, you can earn money in a number of ways. You are in charge of identifying the most profitable strategy.

Junkyard Keeper Mod APK

Keep Getting Treasures

You ought to keep your focus on the ball at all times. Never give up seeking hidden gems. You’ll make more money the more trash you collect.

Continue looking for trash and recycling it. Your junkyard will get more profitable as time goes on. You’ll become a Junkyard Keeper Mod APK tycoon if you just stick at it. Some of the waste products you must never abandon behind include:

  • Steel Garbage. One of the most priceless artifacts in a junkyard is this. Steel is resilient and is recyclable repeatedly. Gather as much scrap steel as you can, then recycle it to make money.
  • Tires. Another desirable item at a junkyard tire. They can be reused to create new tires through recycling. Gather as many tires as you can, then recycle them to make money.
  • Appliances. In a junkyard, appliances like refrigerators, washers, and dryers are also worthwhile finds. They may be recycled and profitably marketed. Gather as many appliances as you can, then recycle them to make money.
  • Car Parts. In a junkyard, auto parts are another desirable commodity. They can be reused to create new auto parts through recycling. You could even modify your collecting car with them!

Unlock More Vehicles 

You must have strong cars in this game to collect trash. A tiny truck will be your starting vehicle, but as time goes on, you’ll be able to unlock bigger and better automobiles.

With the money you make from recycling waste, you can even buy new cars. You can haul away more trash if your car is larger. Your income will soar because of this.

In Junkyard Keeper, you can unlock a wide variety of automobiles. Each has advantages and disadvantages. To optimize your revenues, use the appropriate vehicle for the job.

You can also upgrade your vehicles as you advance through the game. They will become more effective as a result, and you will be able to collect more trash. Here are several alternatives for upgrading:

  • Upgrading the capacity You can expand the volume of trash your car can carry. You’ll be able to collect more trash as a result, which will boost your earnings.
  • Boost the speed. You can increase the speed of your car. You’ll be able to gather trash more quickly if you do this.
  • Reduce your use of fuel. Your car’s fuel consumption can be decreased. You will reduce costs and increase revenue by doing this.


NameJunkyard Keeper Mod APK
Latest Versionv1.1.0
UpdatedSep 5, 2022
App Uploaded ByZPLAY Games
CategoryGames App
APK File

Outstanding Features of Junkyard Keeper

  • Use In-App Purchases. You may upgrade your current vehicles, purchase new ones, and even buy extra trash to recycle via in-app purchases. Although entirely optional, in-app purchases will speed up your game progress. Each one costs between $4.99 and $8.99.
  • Satisfying Game Physics. Unmatched realism was used in the game’s creation. The trash feels and looks like actual trash. The way the cars handle is genuine. The game’s physics are flawless throughout.
  • Superior Graphics & Animations. The game makes advantage of cutting-edge graphic design. The graphics are simply breathtaking. The animations are realistic and fluid.
  • Different Types of Garbage. The game contains a wide variety of rubbish. Every kind has a worth. You must become knowledgeable about which types are more valuable so that you may modify your approach.
  • Realistic Sound Effects. The game’s realistic sound effects improve the immersion. It will seem as though you are actually in a junkyard.
  • Intuitive Controls. The controls are simple to understand and use. They will be easy for you to comprehend and capture.

What is Junkyard Keeper Mod APK?

There are numerous simulation games available right now, but Junkyard Keeper Mod APK is by far the best and most impressive. The game mimics the operations of a second-hand shop, where unwanted goods are repurposed and offered to customers. Although tough, the game is a good opportunity to experience what it’s like to run a scrap yard.

You will create and alter the things that are released from this individual into something beneficial for others. This company is highly proud of itself, and you will profit from it. The industry requires a variety of machines, including garbage trucks, grinders, and even helicopters. An overview of the scrap yard industry is given throughout the game.

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