Dig2China Free Mod APK

The game Dig2China is a thought-provoking one that Innersloth LLC offers. A curious youngster in an American community decides to build a powerful digger and tunnel through the ground to China.

His neighbour notices his tenacity and begins to bully him ruthlessly. The object of the game is to outdo your neighbour. Before the neighbour can stop him, you must assist the child in travelling to China.

Dig2China Free Mod APK

You will find yourself in beautiful locations with various types of people and animals after penetrating multiple strata of the earth. We are in China! You succeeded!

You must now return home and provide evidence that your effort was successful. But how are you going to accomplish this? Make sure to document your journey with photos to show the neighbour. You may photograph famous structures like the Great Wall of China!

Without a doubt, the neighbour won’t believe you. Then, by sharing the images from this game, you can demonstrate to him that you have been to China.

How Dig2China Free Mod APK Work?

You can play enjoyable casual games at any moment. In the casual game Dig2China, you must dig as far as you can to get to China. You can go underground by using the digger machine that is provided in the game.

From the Crust all the way to the Core, there are 13 layers that you can access here. You will find a variety of stuff in each layer, including petrol, cones, and other things.

Dig2China Free Mod APK

You must gradually advance your skills if you want to increase your depth. You’ll need to enhance your ability, push, radar, and many other things. Additionally, by advancing deeper, you’ll receive a lot of money that you may spend in the shop.

In this straightforward game, all you have to do is avoid hazards like ghosts, insects, and obstructions. However, you’ll only have so much energy, so you’ll need to use it wisely.

What is Dig2China Free APK?

Dig2China is an action-packed game with elements of puzzle-solving and exploration. You will assume the role of an adventurous treasure hunter who must face the perils of the earth in order to discover unique and priceless items.

To reach China, you must dig through 13 layers of the Earth. This game will put your abilities and tenacity to the test.

Although not particularly impressive, the game’s graphics serve their purpose. The human models are intricately detailed, and the 2D environments are beautifully portrayed.

Dig2China Free APK download for Android is the game you’ve been seeking for if you want something straightforward, entertaining, and thought-provoking. Start your treasure-hunting quest right away by downloading it!


Get ready to enter a realm of mystery and intrigue where you will have to utilise your strength to survive. The objective of the game Dig2China is to find valuable and uncommon items while navigating a perplexing underground labyrinth.

Playing is absolutely enjoyable. It is the ideal game to start and play for a few minutes or even a few hours due to its simple 2D graphics and gameplay features.

The rewards programme is entertaining and unique. You’ll have the chance to upgrade your tools and equipment as you progress through the game, allowing you to go deeper and faster.

When you go to China, you’ll experience an unfathomable level of delight. You’ll have amassed enough treasures to overcome even the most challenging challenges.


Latest Versionv1.0
UpdatedJul 19, 2022
App Uploaded ByInnersloth LLC
CategoryApk App


The game contains a genuine reward system, as was already mentioned. The currency in the game is based on dollars. Following these guidelines, you will receive these rewards:

  • Depth: This criterion provides the best illustration of your laborious efforts. It serves as a gauge for your depth in the hole. The more advancement you make, the more money you’ll make.
  • Number of valuable items you’ve picked up during your travels is indicated by the term “pickups.” Since they are frequently in hard-to-reach spots, it is crucial to act quickly while picking them up.
  • Bonus: This broad category includes a variety of things you’ve done well in the game, such overcoming obstacles and learning secrets.

At each level, the prizes will get bigger. All prizes will be carried over to the following level at the conclusion of each one. You’ll have a tonne of tools at your disposal to support you in this way.


  • Many Treasures. Digging around in the ground will turn up all kinds of riches. They contain antique items and valuable metals. Make sure you obtain each and every one of them! They will be useful later on.
  • 13 layers of ecstasy. There are 13 different levels in this game, each with its own set of puzzles and challenges. To complete the game, you’ll need to use every one of your skills.
  • Upgrades. You can upgrade your digger as you go further into the strata. Make sure it has the strength to penetrate the topmost layer.
  • Unlimited replayability This game provides countless opportunities for replay thanks to its procedurally generated levels. You’ll be playing in the Earth’s core, lithosphere, and even mantles!
  • True skill evaluation. Not for those who lack confidence, this game. To make the final, you must put all of your abilities and tenacity to use. It’s critical to search for unlocks and other ways to advance.
  • rudimentary game mechanics
  • This game has straightforward controls. Pressing your screen will start digging for you!


One of Inner Sloth LLC’s lightest software creations to date is Dig2China. It is designed to function on any smart device running Google Android 2.3 and higher.

The design’s simplicity makes gameplay incredibly easy. Even with outdated devices, you can anticipate an uninterrupted, fluid gaming experience.


In the unique game Dig2China, you must delve further into China. It’s a great task that’s exciting and fun. You can expect endless gaming because to its procedurally generated levels.

The MOD version is superior. The MOD version is the best. It guarantees you are outfitted with the best tools and offers you an edge over rivals. Now that you have it, start your journey!

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